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Here’s a sample of 10 Romanian songs I enjoy, feel free to ping me if you want more of this stuff. Most of them have a comment in there with the lyrics, if you feel like translating them online.

Pure instrumental, beautifully blends traditional motifs with electronic. Means tiny leaf.

Awesome Romanian/Moldavian rock band. Means Gagarin’s granddaughter.

Arguably the best three Romanian rappers in an iconic collab. Means the crystal globe.

Heavier on traditional motifs from a group exploring how those fit in with rap. Means people are still beautiful.

Jazzy rock? So peaceful and melancholic somehow. Literally means the feeling of missing you grabs me.

Some sort of melodic rock. Means all that will be.

Sunetele Pădurilor simply means the sounds of the forests, it’s not another band. Means the most beautiful place on Earth.

Traditional motifs galore. Refers to some Balkan legend of a girl calling on rain.

Upbeat rock. Means with the head in the clouds.

Some raggae, why not? Means hello John. The translation is hilarious.