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Paul Bricman

I’m a Romanian-born Netherlands-based student exploring synergies between organic and artificial thought. At peak idealism, this means bringing together minds and machines into a transhumanist symbiosis. Concretely, however, it currently means putting together proof-of-concept tools based on off-the-shelf ML models or, more recently, tiny experimental investigations into aligning AI to human intentions. My work is made possible by a handful of generous sponsors.

Outside thoughtware, I’m currently learning Chinese and representational drawing, with varying degrees of success. I love visiting other worlds through fiction, and I’m trying my best to combine the effectiveness of habits with the quality of agency. To share my thoughts in a more structured format, I’m writing one short article per week.

recent writing (see all)

recent projects (see all)

  • velma: value extraction via language model abduction.
  • conceptarium bibliography: a pipeline for relating ideas to experiences.
  • cybersalience: a synergy of artificial and organic attention.
  • oneironomicon: a conversational sandbox for training user-centered assistants.
  • decontextualizer: a pipeline for making highlighted text stand-alone.
  • lexiscore: a nutritional label for food for thought.
  • ideoscope: an instrument for quantifying, understanding, and optimizing your thinking.
  • conceptarium: a fluid medium for storing, relating, and surfacing thoughts.
  • dual: amplifying knowledge work through user-defined assistants.
  • autocards: accelerating learning through machine-generated flashcards.