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I’m building tools which expand how people think.

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I’m a Romanian-born Netherlands-based student currently exploring the role of machine learning in cognitive enhancement. After a few years of building machines which think humanly, I’m now trying to go the other way. How can technology expand the range of ways in which people can think? Both theory and practice are needed to address this challenge, which is why I’m both building practical tools for thought and pursuing more esoteric research. As those approaches continue to inform each other more and more, I’ll eventually transition into computational cognitive science, a field in which computational methods are first-class citizens in understanding and expanding the mind.

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Current Focus


  • Working on Dual, a skilled virtual assistant for knowledge work.
  • Growing Psionica, an open collective on a mission to augment thought for all.
  • Organizing Augment Minds 2021, an unconference on tools for thought. Register now!
  • Learning Rust, Mandarin, and UI/UX design.


If you’re reading this and you’re working on anything related to tools for thought at all, I’d love to chat with you. I’m particularly open to exchanging unconventional ideas and collaborating on open source projects. Feel free to schedule a call using the button below, or just send me an email if our time zones clash.

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