Paul Bricman

Co-Founder, CEO @ Noema Research

Capturing the benefits of AI while mitigating its risks is difficult. I'm interested in ways of getting the best of both worlds, whether that means filling in the missing pieces of AI safety infrastructure, or carrying out fundamental alignment research.

I'm grateful for having been supported in my work, either financially or through compute, either recently or less so, by Effective Ventures, Google Research, Conjecture, Andreas Stuhlm├╝ller, Stability AI, and AI Safety Camp. If I'm not working on alignment, chances are I'm either running or hosting a game night.


Noema Research

Getting the right tooling in place to differentially accelerate towards positive futures.



Experimental blog for sense-making in public. Half contingent, half evergreen.



Old portfolio and blog on "exploring synergies between the organic and the artificial."